Janet Beckers Presents..

Nail Your 2019 

Profit, Impact and Happiness Plan.

Step-By-Step To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

December 18th at 10 AM Sydney Time
That's Monday PM in the USA.
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What You'll Learn On This FREE Action Focused Webinar
Cash Flow & Profit
* You'll learn about A, B and C promotions to predictably provide consistent cash flow.

* How often to do each type of promotion so you get results without burning out.

* GSD Indicators and what to measure in your business to meet your goals

* Choose what impact you will make in 2019 and how you want to do that.

* Plan for visibility and consistency so the people you intend to impact will know you.

*GBB Goals and how to stretch yourself to make a bigger impact in a do-able way.

*The importance of FLOW and how to build this into your plan.

*The Virgin Diary concept and what to fill in first, second and 3rd so you build joy into your business.

*How to start your own business and family tradition that means you finish each year strong.
This is a total content, interactive and LIVE webinar where you'll have the chance to submit questions, get answers and have an action plan when you leave. In other words, this is not one of those webinars that is an hour-long sales pitch (I can't stand those, can you?). I'm looking forward to helping you succeed with excitement and optimism.
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Nail Your 2019 Profit, Impact and Happiness Plan.

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