“Attract Your Tribe provides everything you need to consistently attract a tribe of profitable clients, charge what you are worth, and step up with confidence.”

"Tripled My Clients In Just 3 Months"
In the last 3 months, since working with Janet, I have added 30 new clients to my business in the last quarter, which is 3 times my previous rate. I couldn't have achieved this rate of growth without her program and  we haven't even started implementing any of the online strategies yet! 

In addition, I've now been approached by leaders in my industry to joint venture in educational programs which will help me to help even more women recovering from breast cancer surgery.
Kate Perkins. Lymphaticsolutions.com.au
NOTE: Prices are in Australian Dollars. If you are in the USA, when your bank does the currency conversion you'll notice you got an even greater bargain
If you’re a coach, consultant or entrepreneur (or aspire to be) who is determined to create a business that allows you to have time and financial freedom, and also makes an impact in the lives of the people you help, then this training is for you.

Hey it’s wonderful to welcome you here.

Over the years of working with thousands of people just like you, there is one frustration I hear over and over.

“How do I become irresistible to my dream clients so they come to me, and I don’t have to work so hard to find them?”

Are You Invisible or Irresistible?

There is nothing more frustrating, or confidence-crushing, as knowing you have incredible value to give to new clients yet you remain almost invisible.

Meanwhile your dream clients flock to someone else who, for some reason, they find irresistible.

It’s even more frustrating if you have worked hard to put a lot of your marketing and branding pieces together and yet they just don’t seem to be working.

The good news is, there is a system to being irresistible and The Attract Your Tribe Program guides you through it step-by-step.

Do One or More of These Ring True For you?

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel you need to do to build and market your business online but not sure what things you can stop doing and what ones really do matter.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know – and that leaves you paralysed – worried you will leave out key, critical success components.
  • You know you have incredible value to give to new clients yet you remain almost invisible. Meanwhile your dream clients flock to someone else, who for some reason, they find irresistible.
  • You want to build an email list but you can’t decide what to create for a “lead magnet” and then the follow up emails and the techy stuff all seem too hard.
  • You have trouble defining what you can offer / teach, and how to put it into a program, price it and deliver it with sort of ease and grace and not lose your whole life over it.
  • Cashflow is really stressful at times because you don’t have a steady stream of clients and too often you have trouble converting new people because they can’t pay you or they ask for discounts.
  • You’ve poured your life breath and soul into your business and the return does not match your effort.
  • You have a big vision and feel a calling to make a difference in the world, yet that seems like a pipe dream and something you don’t know if you have the confidence or feel prepared to be that visible.

If one (or more) of the above feels familiar to you......

The Attract The Tribe Program May Just Be The Answer You’ve Been Looking For, To Finally Stop Being The Best Kept Secret and Start Attracting a Tribe Of Beautiful Clients Who Truly Value What You Do.

"New Suite of Programs and #1 Best Selling Author…….”I say just do it!”"
To anyone who is considering upgrading in to one of Janet's high end programmes. I just say do it! I have tried many times to take my business online - and every time fallen over because there were just too many steps and too many decisions I had to make by myself. This time it has happened - and I am soooooo very, very grateful!
Jasmine Sampson, jasminesampson.com

Who is The Attract Your Tribe Program For?

If you take people on a Transformational Journey through the work you do, then this program is designed for you.

This simply means you help them solve a problem, or reach a goal. You take them from Point A to Point B and you know you can help them get results.

Sound like you?

So you’re likely a coach, a consultant, a service professional….. someone who helps people 

So why is this program for you?

Because the work you do is all about trust.

People need to know they can trust you and the work you do before they will work with you.

Which means chasing clients will never work.

You need a system that attracts them to you, so they know they can trust you before they even ask what your prices are.

The Attract Your Tribe is that system.

What Industries and Professions Should Join Attract Your Tribe?

Over the years I’ve worked with Transformational Entrepreneurs across a range of industries, from accountants to clairvoyants. Here are just a sampling…
Personal Coaches
Golf Instructors
Financial planners
Authors & Speakers
Offline business owners
Spiritual Mediums
Life coaches
Real estate agents
Marketing coaches
Singing Coaches
Speech Therapists
Fertility Experts
Post Doctoral Scientists
Executive Coaches
Corporate Leadership Trainers
Colour Consultants
Fitness Trainers
Ballet Teachers
Sex Therapists

"I’ve never taken action like I'm taking now, and never with as much confidence."

Under Janet’s expert guidance, I’ve created a suite of products and services that make it less stressful (and much more fun) for dentists to do great online marketing.

The way Janet has shown me to design my products and services has set the scene for me to enjoy greater income while simultaneously achieving greater results for my clients. And because she understands that family and friends, being creative, playing soccer and giving back to the community are really important parts of my life, she’s helped me to build a business that gives me plenty of time and energy to enjoy them too.

Jacki Kearslake, dentalwebstrategies.com.au 
NOTE: Prices are in Australian Dollars. If you are in the USA, when your bank does the currency conversion you'll notice you got an even greater bargain

I Wish I Had This Program When I Started Out

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Janet Beckers and for years I’ve been on a mission.

A mission to help thousands of brilliant coaches and other “Transformational Entrepreneurs” from around the world to make the difference only THEY are uniquely gifted to make. And to make wonderful changes in their lives, the lives of their families and those of their clients.

I feel incredibly lucky to do just that.

I can show you all the awards I’ve won (things like Australian Marketer of The Year and finalist in The Most Trusted Business in Australia award), brag about being a best-selling author (3 times), and International speaker but you know what…….

What I’m most proud of are the success stories of the people I have helped over the years.

You’ll see a few of their stories here on this page.

I’m also proud of the lifestyle I’ve created which allowed me to always be there when my children were at school, to spend every school holiday playing with them. And now they are independent(ish), the freedom to travel, kayak with my husband, do work that feeds my soul, and live by my mantra of “Health Before 10, Wealth After 10”.

I help my clients do the same, or actually, better still, create the lifestyle THEY design.

But It Wasn't Always Easy

When I started my first business (an online art gallery of all things) I was fuelled with entrepreneurial vision and determination.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know….

Maybe you know the feeling?

You see I’d never even worked IN a business let alone owned one.

I’d been a nurse for years, and then I worked as a lecturer teaching nursing and then for years doing community research and building in rural health (hence my passion for tribes and community). None of this really prepared me for building a business from scratch.

To say I learned from my mistakes is an understatement!

If I had a mentor to teach me the easy way to build a business I literally would have saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of confidence-crushing heartache.

But that’s not the path I took.

Call it stubbornness, or persistence, but I trialled, tested, failed, recovered, tried again with ever increasing levels of success until I had a system that I KNOW without fail works to grow a business and attract a tribe of wonderful clients, with ease and joy.

That system is The Attract Your Tribe Program.

It has been tested in my own business and in the businesses of hundreds of people who have implemented the system and created change.

In short….this is the real deal.

So if you feel any shame or frustration about not getting the results you expected (yet) know you will NEVER be judged by me. I know it doesn’t define who you are.

"The best mentor that I’ve ever had."

I have worked in the Online Entrepreneur arena for the last five years.

I have probably been to over 70 workshops and I’ve had lots of mentors.

I have to say Janet Beckers is the best mentor that I’ve ever had."

Julie Lewin, julielewin.com
A New Program Evolves From Years of Success

I've been honoured to help so many people over the years with different training programs I've developed. 

The testimonials you see on this page are from people who studied my programs, took action and got results.

Something changed a few months ago.

I accepted that my business Wonderful Web Women, which helped so many women and created beautiful success for me, was not the vehicle that could take me to where my next vision was.

I felt a calling to play bigger, impact more people and eventually certify other coaches to use my Romance Your Tribe ® systems to help their own clients.

So I walked my talk……I applied my system to my own business and, through that process, refined the process even further with insights from my own experience.

The Attract Your Tribe program takes all the wonderful things from my previous programs, strips back any distractions to what is absolutely core to success (so you can implement faster) and includes new strategies I perfected through my own rebrand.

I’m excited and I’d love you to join me as a Founding Member.

“The Attract Your Tribe Program Guides You Step-By-Step To Attract Clients Who Truly Value What You Do,  Redesign Your Business So It is Simpler, Feeds Your Soul and Bank-Balance With Ease and Joy.”

"My books were filled within 2 weeks."
Thanks to Janet’s program I already had a national reputation in my new business as a Speech Pathologist. So when I moved to a new State my books were full within 2 weeks and I had to keep a waiting list!
Gail Bennell, gailbennell.com
NOTE: Prices are in Australian Dollars. If you are in the USA, when your bank does the currency conversion you'll notice you got an even greater bargain

“Attract Your Tribe provides everything you need to consistently attract a tribe of profitable clients, charge what you are worth, and step up with confidence.”


The Attract Your Tribe Program brings together the proven system I have used with hundreds of clients in my training programs then perfected working closely with my high end mentoring client programs.

For the first time, this system is laid out with all new training videos, worksheets, templates and swipe files in a system that has been simplified and updated for what is working RIGHT NOW.


  • How can I be specific on my message and the problem my coaching and services help solve?
  • How do I decide what to offer, price it and deliver it with some sort of ease and grace and not lose my whole life over it?
  • How do I get all the techy systems in place, hooked up and working?
  • How can I be seen as different in a sea of other businesses?
  • How do I have the energy to avoid burning out and be prepared to be visible?

    … and much more.

The Bottom Line

You’ll emerge as a leader in your field who is confident in the uniqueness you bring to everything you do and the results you get for your clients.

You’ll have a system to consistently attract profitable clients and charge what you are worth.

The changes you make in your life as a result of The Attract Your Tribe program will create a ripple effect that flows on to your clients, family and friends and help you to make a true difference in the world.

"I just followed your step by step model… and ‘TA DA’!"
I have just successfully launched my 90 Day Wealth & Mastery Program…. I have used what I have learned through your program to do this!!!! Whoot Whoot – wasn’t sure I could do it-but I just followed your step by step model-moulded it to my topic- and ‘TA DA’ :) Feeling So Grateful! Already have clients loving it – and it is running smooth!
Alisse Bradley, alissebradley.com

Let’s Talk Details
Here’s What We’ll Cover During Each Module…..

Module #0: Welcome & Quick Cash

  • Get To Know You Survey: You are not just a number to us. We take the time to ask you questions to get super clear on your business, your goals, and challenges. Janet reviews every single response so on the group calls and the private forum, so you know you are getting personalised help.
  • You’ll be welcomed to the Attract Your Tribe members’ only Facebook group where you can connect with other “Transformational Business Owners”, and get personal help from Janet and her team.
  • Bring in cash the first week: Why wait for the course to start before you make money? I give you the exact email series to bring in quick sales from your past customers and potential new customers. This can be implemented within an hour of joining.

Module #1: The Perfect Match

  • We’ll uncover your unique branding story that sets you apart from everyone else in your niche

  • You’ll get super clear on the Transformational Journey you take your clients on and uncover hidden resources we’ll use in the next module when creating irresistible offers.

  • You’ll know exactly what struggles, emotions and fears your ideal clients feel along the Transformational Path so they feel like you are” reading their mind” in all your marketing material we teach you in each of the next modules.

  • Know exactly who your most profitable clients will be and what motivates them to invest with you and your solutions.

  • Discover The Sweet Spot of the programs and products your most profitable clients will find irresistible and you are uniquely qualified to deliver.

Anthea Doubled Her Investment in Coaching With New Evergreen Program Creation
Anthea Frances, realrawnutrition.com

Module #2: The Irresistible Offer

  • You’ll say goodbye to low-priced sales and charging an hourly rate and say hello to sales of between $500 and $25,000 that your dream clients find irresistible.

  • Create a “Trade-Mark-able Transformation System” that makes you incomparable in the market

  • Price with confidence with our templated profit and expense calculator

  • Create Irresistible Offer Bundles with simple to follow templates

  • Create a compelling sales letter designed to gracefully sell with bonus templates

  • Make Sales even without a website, with email templates for the 4 buyer types, or our Outreach Strategy if you don’t have a mailing list yet.

Module #3: The Message Makeover

  • Understand the benefits of Personal Branding vs System Branding and decide with confidence the option best for you.

  • Uncover your unique Branding Voice so all your emails, sales letters, social media posts and content exude your character.

  • Develop Branding Visuals and palette that is “Confidently YOU” so your brand becomes consistently identifiable across all marketing mediums.

  • Craft a compelling bio that builds trust and credibility

  • Communicate with confidence what you and your brand stand for so you can gracefully step up as the leader of your tribe

Gail Went From Employee To Waiting Listed Private Practice 
Gail Bennell, gailbennell.com

Module #4: The Online Love Nest

  • You’ll Claim Your Space Online with a professional branded presence across all social media platforms.
  • Turn your website into an Authority Platform designed to grow with your business.

  • Use our “Web Master Briefing Sheets” so you can confidently pass on the geek stuff and spend your focus on the things in your own zone of genius.

  • Learn how to create a professional website, with no tech skills needed, complete with automated appointment booking, testimonial sections, payment processing for less than $20 so you can Attract Your Tribe even before your Authority Website is complete (there goes your last excuse).

  • Create an Irresistible Freebie (or Lead Magnet) that is Irresistible to your Dream Clients and gracefully introduces them your Trademark-able Transformation System and the offers you created in Module #2. All on auto-pilot.

  • You’ll have a nurture sequence of automated emails designed to build trust and appeal to the 4 buyer types using our pre-written templates.
  • BONUS: Geek Zone Simplifier: Decide with confidence the combination of software best for YOU, your current stage of business, and your long term goals With links to the “how to” resources for each platform.

Module #5: Keep The Romance Alive

  • At the end of this module you will have a Content Calendar that is sustainable, builds trust and authority consistently, without burning you out.

  • You’ll be the Master of Content strategies baby! With a strategic plan designed to make your blog post rank high on Google searches to attract free traffic for years. No more ad hoc and inconsistent blog posts!

  • You know exactly what subjects to create content on using our Blog Post Ideas Generator to brainstorm 25 potential post ideas from every subject you choose.

  • You’ll have an easy to implement strategy to seamlessly move blog readers to keep exploring your content while gracefully leading them towards the sale.

Julie Shares Why She's Had The Most Exciting Year
Julie Lewin, julielewin.com

The Secret To Success…… Self Love

I know, from working with thousands of Transformational Entrepreneurs that it is not strategy, tech stuff or expertise that determines if you will succeed or not.

It is your confidence, energy and persistence that will make the difference.
So through each module, this how we support you:

  • Every module includes a “Self Love” lesson specific to the mindset challenge I know from experience, you will be facing at this stage in your own Transformational Journey.
  • We build celebration into every module. In fact, we celebrate the small steps with you with a focus on celebration in the private Facebook Group.

  • While we’re on the topic of The Private Facebook Group. This is the place to connect with your peers, Janet and our team to share your challenges and celebrations. You never need to be alone.

  • We help you find Accountability Buddies. As soon as you join we give you a guide to creating and maintaining Accountability Triads and support you through the Facebook Group to find peers to cheers you on and hold you accountable

"I had a list of 5000 but no product. Now I have a program I can sell year round. "
I had run about 3 telesummits and they had been really successful so I had a list of about 5000 people. What was missing was the monetizing. I didn’t have a good ongoing sales product that would keep my funds flush through the year. Janet identified that immediately. Following her system I doubled the investment in her high end coaching through sales of my new 90 day Fresh Start program and have a product I can sell year round.
Anthea Frances, realrawnutrition.com
NOTE: Prices are in Australian Dollars. If you are in the USA, when your bank does the currency conversion you'll notice you got an even greater bargain

 How Is The Attract Your Tribe Program Delivered?

  • Brand new training modules released week by week over 12 weeks, in the exact order for you to create your Tribe Attracting Platform. Say good bye to overwhelm and hello to a step-by-step system proven to work.
  • Each module is designed so exercises you complete in one module, are used in the next module so you build momentum as the program progresses. There is no busy work as everything you do is leveraged to get you results.
  • Videos with MP3 and PDFs of all the videos, so you use the learning method that works best for you.
  • Step-by-Step worksheets, templates and handy tools to put your productivity on fast forward.
  • Plus so much more…….

 Everything You Need to Become
to Your Dream Clients

Which  means  that  you  could  be  mere  minutes  away  from  kick-starting  your  journey  to  Attract  YOUR  Tribe,  make  a  difference  to  the  people  you  work  with,  and  finally  be  on  the  path  to  create  the  success  in  your  business  you  dream  of...

Oh… and Before you join a Business Building course….

There are a lot of people selling programs about how to build your business online, set up a funnel, and market yourself online. And a lot of them have had professional photos done, look super smooth and look the part.

But how many of them have 15 years in the trenches online?

How many have tested everything they teach in their own business and only teach what they actually do themselves?

And how many of them have loyal customers who continue to return every time you launch a new product and rave about you to friends for years?

I ask you this because sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference until you look behind the curtain and find people who are simply teaching what they recently learned and more often than not are struggling themselves.

Importantly, know Attract Your Tribe is a system developed after working with thousands of customers worldwide, tweaked and polished to perfection and delivered with genuine care.
Here’s what you should look for in a course:
  • A mentor who has been there done that and teaching from experience
  • A leader who is walking their talk
  • A supportive community so you are never alone
  • A program that embraces the concept of Scarecited so you feel stretched
  • Useful templates and swipe files so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (instead of just theory)

That’s exactly what you’ll find inside Attract Your Tribe

"This is the program I keep receiving the most value from."
Janet was the first ‘internet marketing’ mentor I signed up with and, despite being involved with many programs since, hers is still the one I respect and admire the most. It is also the one that I keep receiving the most value from. 
Catherine Resnick, amygdala.com.au
NOTE: Prices are in Australian Dollars. If you are in the USA, when your bank does the currency conversion you'll notice you got an even greater bargain
100% Guarantee

I know this system works. I have enough clients who have taken action and got results.

So that’s why I back this program fully.

Take 30 days to study the first few modules.

Do the activities, join the members' only Facebook group and let us help you take action.

If you have done the exercises in the modules and don’t agree the program is excellent in that time, contact us and we will happily refund your investment.


Because I'm committed to exceeding your expectations, when you join The Attract Your Tribe Program, you'll get three value-packed bonuses, valued at $2485 in addition to all the course content!

The 3 bonuses are each released at the perfect time throughout the program.

The C.L.E.A.R. Time System. Value $497

The Practical, Step-by-Step System to Get a Life, Get Cashflow and Get Heaps Done Without Burning Out

Virtual Assistant Team Builder Value $497
A step-by-step breakdown of how to find, pay and manage the perfect Virtual Assistant team to do 80% of the work for you!
“The Big 3” Traffic Bundle Value $497 each, value of bundle $1491
This Super Bonus includes the top 3 strategies I have found for generating “traffic” to your business.
  • Facebook Ads simplified. The 2 simplest Facebook Ads strategies to consistently attract new people to join your mailing list. With video walk throughs, checklists and templates.
  • How To Be a Sought After Podcast Guest: How to get guest speaker invitations, give great value on the interview and convert listeners into buyers.
  • Joint Venture Mastery: How to build relationships with influencers and promote your business to other people’s mailing lists.

"Thank you... you and your systems are amazing"