Attract a Tribe of Dream Clients and Make a Greater Impact With Your Own Online Business.
SPECIAL NOTICE: Corona Crisis Package
90% Discount on first month
I know at the moment your cash flow may be tight and you're unsure about the immediate future.

BUT you also know you need to act fast to adapt and ensure your business thrives, and hopefully thrives through this next few months.

So my gift to you is a 90% discount on the first 30 days as a member of the Success Circle. That means you can join today for just $9.70 AUD.

Plus there are no contracts so you are not committed to future payments if your circumstances change.
Currency Changed To AUD Instead of USD - Saving you close to 50%
We are an Australian company but our customers are world wide. That's why we sell in USD as this is the currency our international market accepts most easily.

When you join now as part of this package, you will be charged in AUD. At the time of writing this will save you close to 50% each and every month.

PLUS, as long as you stay a member you will only ever pay $97 AUD per month.

This is to give security to our wonderful Australian clients during a time when currency fluctuations are unpredictable.
Bonus live training - Nail Your Irresistible Offer Action Workshop
2 hour Get S#*t Done Action workshop, where the outcome is to leave with your Irresistible Offer created.
* Plus you have worksheets, templates and swipe files included.
* Oh and how about a pricing calculator so you know how many you need to sell to break even and then meet your goals?
* Oh and a sales letter template too? Sure why not?
* Oh and a template for creating an email series that appeals to the 4 main buyer types? Sure!
* And then you also want access to group coaching to ask questions? No Prob Bob.
* And then you want access to an entire step-by-step Academy so you can build an online business with the geek and branding stuff covered too? Oh if you insist!
Bonus  training - Video Charisma
As the business world turns virtual video is a brilliant way to both deliver your services and also market. In this special training, delivered after our live training, you will learn strategies to Charisma and Confidence on camera with bonus video scripts.
"I just followed your step by step model and 'Ta Da'!"
"I have just successfully launched my 90 Day Wealth & Mastery Program.... I have used what I have learned through your program to do this!!!! Whoot Whoot – wasn't sure I could do it-but I just followed your step by step model-moulded it to my topic- and 'TA DA' :) Feeling So Grateful! Already have clients loving it – and it is running smooth!"
Alisse Bradley
"My books were filled within 2 weeks."
"Thanks to Janet's program I already had a national reputation in my new business as a Speech Pathologist. So when I moved to a new State my books were full within 2 weeks and I had to keep a waiting list!"

Gail Bennell
"You genuinely want us to succeed."
"You are gifted Janet. You are the first business coach I've come across that actually provides guidance, expertise and value. We can feel your empathy and genuinely want us to succeed. Plus the expertise to get us where we want to go. There are a lot of people promoting that are full of s#*t. Thank you for not being one of them."

Peter Zotti
What is The Success Circle?
The Success Circle is an online community with the mission to help entrepreneurs from around the world build businesses that transform lives.

Both the lives of their clients and themselves too!

Through step-by-step training, live coaching and strong peer support, our members attract a tribe of loyal fans online who LOVE their brand so they can work less, attract awesome customers from around the world and make a greater impact with their own online programs.

Who is Janet Beckers?
If we haven't met yet, I'm Janet Beckers.

I started my first online business 18 years ago, back when there was no such thing as a wordpress blog and selling online was still not mainstream. Crazily I chose to start my business life selling expensive original artworks online for thousands of dollars! Against the odds, it worked and I found out (eventually) that there are WAY EASIER ways to build a business online.

Since then I have built and sold (or evolved) multiple businesses online and found my true passion when the number of fellow business owners who asked me to help them do the same, became too large to ignore.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than working with coaches, consultants and service providers who are great at what they do and help them expand their business worldwide so they can help even more people. I help them attract a tribe of dream clients online who see them as the Tribal Business Leader they want to work with, so they can work less, attract awesome customers from around the world and make a greater impact with their own online programs.

I've now worked personally with hundreds of business owners, in group programs with thousands, and impacted tens of thousands of business owners through my free training. I've helped people go from start up to booked out, helped multi-million dollar business owners get their time and health back by leveraging their offerings and helped countless others launch their first online courses, launch podcasts, video marketing and simplify their sales and marketing systems through online automation.

Along the way I've won multiple awards for excellence, including Australian Marketer of The Year, published numerous best-selling books, presented at multiple online and offline events and loved absolutely every minute of it!

A few ways you can benefit when you join The Success Circle
  • Get super clear on what makes you unique in your market place and "the profit in you" and finally feel confident on how to communicate that.
  • Know the 4 distinct types of clients you naturally attract and know EXACTLY which one is your most  profitable avatar (and which ones may look perfect but will sned you broke!)
  • You'll be able to communicate your missions with CONFIDENCE and have a structure in place that systemises the consistent publishing of impactful content across multiple platforms that is always on brand and authentically you.
  • You'll have a suite of online and offline offers that your profitable avatars will find irresistible, and marketing and sales systems that automate the whole selling process, bringing you income in the 6, 7 figures and beyond.
  • You'll be supported to step up and become the Digital CEO of your brand as you systemize, automate, and outsource. You'll have more time for yourself and your family to live the "Tribal Business Leader" lifestyle!
Here's a taste of what you will get when you join
The Success Circle
Comprehensive Courses
The complete, step-by-step program of courses to attract your tribe of dream clients, market and sell online and systemise and automate your business. Including templates, swipe files and cheat sheets valued at $$thousands.
Monthly Masterclasses
Actionable masterclasses, tools and strategies you can apply each month to get results in your business. Each training includes worksheets, templates and action steps and is designed for action, not overwhelm.
Live Coaching
Connect with your mentor and peers every month through monthly live group coaching huddles, hotseats, accountability groups and daily support and connection through the private Facebook group.
What makes The Success Circle different to other business building communities?
One of the big problems with most online business programs is they take every member though the exact same steps, in the exact same order. The reality is, there are 5 distinct entrepreneur types and what will work for one type can be an absolute time (and money) waster for one of the other types.

That's why The Success Circle starts with a detailed step-by-step Success Map personalised for each of the 5 entrepreneur types so you know EXACTLY what to focus on and what to ignore. Stop wasting time, money and heart-ache on things that won't get you results.

Then you have the live support to help you implement and only focus on what will get you the fastest results.

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