WINNER of “Australian Marketer of The Year Award”, Janet Beckers Reveals…

“Quick, Easy & Affordable Video Marketing System Creates 3-months of Videos To Grow YOUR Business and Brand… In Only Half a Day!”

Use this course to quickly grow your business, audience, positioning, cash flow & confidence!

Even before you complete the Video-Marketing Academy, you’ll feel incredibly excited and motivated by seeing your Brand all over the web & rapidly build a profitable, trusting and enthusiastic audience ready to buy!
And the best part is… You can do ALL this with minimal time, money or experience…
Even if you’re just starting!

 Janet Beckers

Winner of Australian Marketer of the Year


Subject: Get seen everywhere online and be the trusted authority in your industry by spending only half-a-day to create 3-months of videos that attract and connect with your perfect audience!

Janet Beckers here…

Lean in closer because I want to tell you a little secret of mine…

For over 4-years now, my competitors have been scratching their heads wondering HOW I could be SEEN all over the web…

… E-v-e-r-y --- S-i-n-g-l-e --- w-e-e-k …

Without fail.

Consistently topping the iTunes charts…

With some of my YouTube videos hitting thousands of views…

And still have PLENTY OF TIME to enjoy life!

I want to tell you how I do it. Are you ready for my secret?

You’ll be amazed to know…

And that small amount of effort will reach my audience across dozens of platforms all over the web… for 3-months!

Do you know what’s so wonderful about this?

It’s that I’ve also helped other business owners do the same for their business…

And YES, I can help you too. Here’s how…

If it’s okay with you, I’m going to cut right to the chase…

You see, after winning multiple awards in business & marketing over the last 10-years, plus, mentoring THOUSAND’s of other business owners…

Here’s what I know to be true…

"95% of business owners (despite their good intentions), market themselves the HARD, LONG, SLOW & EXPENSIVE way…"

The harsh reality of business is this…

Skill, talent and good intentions rarely amount to any form of business success these days.

Sad but true. Think about it…

Do you know a competitor in your industry that’s making more money than you… Yet what they offer isn’t as good as what you offer?

Again… they have better marketing, not a better product or service.

The person who can market themselves best… WINS.

You see, it’s getting harder to breakthrough the clutter with your competition…

And advertising costs are getting waaaaaay more expensive…

True or true?

But the good news is…

Plus --- Make MONEY with less effort.

It’s with “Leveraged Video Marketing”

“Leveraged” meaning, do the work once, and have it repurposed multiple times without any more effort on your part! 

That’s leverage baby!

I’m talking about finding the confidence to capture your true, authentic message, and broadcast it across multiple different social media platforms… for your target audience to see!

And at the same time… 

Grow an amazing (and profitable) business with a rapidly expanding audience who fall in love with you and your message.

And equally important…

More likely to buy from you - over and over and over again.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Going from the HARD & COSTLY marketing - To EASY & PROFITABLE video marketing.

You ready to know more? 

Good, let’s get started…

I want you to follow along with this story…

It’s a true story about a fellow business owner.

A female entrepreneur, but the lessons are the same for a guy.

Like most entrepreneurs, she was doing whatever she could to grow her business and make money.

For years, every single week, she published a written blog article and email newsletter in an attempt to “get noticed” amongst a very crowded industry.

It was a slow start for her.

Not to mention incredibly draining on her time.

(Apparently it took her nearly a full day to research and write just one newsletter every week)

Eventually her efforts started to work. Her list was growing. Business was good.

However, after a few years, it stopped being effective.

She was at a crossroad and knew something had to change or her business wouldn’t survive.

She looked at her current business model and noticed something that gave her an idea…

Looking at her blog articles, she noticed a growing number of people were clicking on the videos.

She’d heard all the experts say that, “Video was the new age of marketing”

So, despite her fears, she made a very scary jump in a new direction… 

With zero experience and nothing more than her mobile phone (and willingness to learn-as-she-goes), she replaced her weekly articles with short 3-minute videos.

What happened next surprised even
the most seasoned marketers

In a matter of weeks, her videos went STRAIGHT to #1 on iTunes and her audience exploded.


Her business grew to a whole new and exciting level and things never looked better.


There was something even MORE
Amazing with this story.

Eventually, she was able to repurpose her 3-minute videos into different forms of content and spread it all over the web…

And get this… 

While working less than 10% of the time she used to.

Yes… Less than 10% of the effort.

In simple terms…

Plus… she was reaching at least 10 times the amount of people!

Now, if you’re a Math-Geek (and I’m not), by changing to video marketing, she got a whopping 1,000% increase in her time and effectiveness!

Incredible, right?

Well, you’re about to find out HOW, but before I do that…

Let me reveal who this mystery woman is, okay?

Want to guess?

Okay, okay… YES —  it’s ME, ha!

It’s true… I made that transition over 4-years ago.

But the story gets better, so keep reading…

I’m proud to say I’ve posted a NEW VIDEO every week for nearly 4-years!

My business has grown exponentially - and it excites me through to my bones that I can help YOU get these wonderful results too.


One person’s success story isn’t enough proof that it can work for you.

The most exciting part is that I’ve been able to teach other wonderful business owners how to get confidence and set up to “Get SEEN all over the Web With Ease!”

And the results speak for themselves. Check them out…

From Employee to Booked Out Private Practice

Watch this short interview with Speech Pathologist Gail Bennell who shares how she used video to position herself with a specialist brand and attract her perfect clients. An inspiring story that starts with Gail as a full-time employee, graduating to part time in her own business, to full time and replacing her previous income with work she loves. Then Gail moves to an entirely new state and fills her books within 2 weeks and now has a waiting list. It all started with video.
-Gail Bennell,
Alexandra Cownie

"I studied the program then booked a dance studio and recorded 6 months of weekly videos in one go. My second baby was due so I automated all my marketing for my business for when he was born. I was free to be with my children instead of busy in business."
Gail Bennell

"Since launching Speechy TV I found I started to be seen as a specialist and leader in my industry and people referred clients to me. I have gone from employed, to now with a private Speech Pathologist practice, booked out and with a waiting list. It all started with video."
Julie Lewin

"I have worked in the online Entrepreneur arena for the last five years. I have probably been to over 70 workshops and I’ve had lots of mentors. Janet Beckers is the best mentor I’ve ever had."
#1 – Not CONFIDENT enough!

I feel I’m too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too shy, too old, too young, too nervous, too inexperienced, not funny, not attractive, and the list goes on…
Welcome to the club, that’s how 99% of us feel too. Yes, I’m as guilty as anyone.

But know this…

“You wouldn’t worry about what people thought of you so much, if you knew how seldom they do”

And besides… Authenticity trumps good looks. Being authentic and real is the most attractive and valuable asset you have.

Good news is, we have a comprehensive module for you called, “How to be confident on the screen”, covering…

- How to be confident in front of a camera
- Finding your authentic style
- Brand congruency
- Techniques so you don’t get tongue-tied
- Being approachable and confident

#2 – It’s too complicated and expensive!

Are you secretly worried that it would be just waaaaaaaay too expensive to build a video studio?

Okay, let me put this to rest… Paul and I have compiled a bunch of short videos to help you. On these videos you’ll see how to set up a home-studio for less than $300!

No, I didn’t accidentally leave a zero off that number. Not $3,000 – Under $300 - Including professional lights – Plus – Groovy gadgets and budget hacks!

Oh, and if you’re worried about space. Fear not my friend. 
I will show you how to set up a home-video-studio in the tiniest of spaces that will look a million bucks! 
And it’ll only take you a few minutes to put up and pull down.

Zero To Weekly Web TV &

Video e-Course Creator

Watch this short interview with Author, coach and mentor Jasmine Sampson who shares the transformation of her business through video. Jasmine's story starts with no experience or confidence with video, to confidently publishing a weekly trust building TV show which she distributes through blog, Youtube, Facebook and email.

She has taken this further to create a training program with high quality video classes, which has freed her from in-person coaching to helping more people through her online course.
-Jasmine Sampson,

Sorry, I digress. Where was I? 

Oh yes, I want to tell you how I reduced my workload from 60-hours to only 5!

Okay, so here’s what happened…

I went from spending nearly a full day EVERY SINGLE WEEK writing articles….

To marketing 3 x MONTHS worth of videos in just half a day!

I kid you not.

In just 4-5 hours (once only), I developed a system to plan, create and market 3 x months of weekly marketing-videos that would be blasted out to multiple different marketing channels in one go!  

Can you imagine how wonderful that would feel?

Okay, stop here for a sec… Think about this….

Would you like this for your business?

Wait, hold on… I can feel some self-doubt creeping in. 

Just a little bit, yeah? 

Look that’s PERFECTLY normal, and you’re not alone. 

So let’s look at what would stop you and probably 98% of business owners!

6 BLOCKAGES That STOP Business Owners
From Succeeding Online with Video
.........Giving You a

Now listen to this… Good news is… With our help and support, 
you won’t EVER worry about these blockages anymore… 
Let your competitors worry about those, because they 
won’t be able to keep up with you!

#3 – Will it Make Me Money? 

Great question. We recognize the two twin propellers that determine an effective marketing strategy is Profit & Time.

Speaking from experience… This is the most leveraged strategy you could try. A great ROI on your money AND time. 

The wider your message spreads… the more potential PAYING customers you’ll reach and the more money you’ll make.

It’s simple maths!

We can show you every single step and how you can turn it into a PROFIT!

#4 – I don’t have enough time!

It’s good that your competitors think this, but here’s the reality…

When done correctly, you’ll only need 5 hours to create 3 x months of marketing.

If you have time to shoot just one 3 minute video, you can repurpose it in a dozen different ways to be seen on the world’s hottest marketing platforms. 

Try comparing this to any other marketing strategy under the sun… Nothing comes close to the amount of time you’ll SAVE here.

To prove it, we’ve structured our training modules to include execution plans that you can delegate to your team or staff.

#5 – I don’t have a team to help me?

Don’t have a team yet?

Fear not, we’ve got your back. 

We have a module called “Virtual Assistant Team-Building” that covers:

- How to recruit VA’s (virtual assistants)
- Where to go to recruit video VA’s
- How to manage them with ease
- How much to pay them 
- How to motivate and include existing staff to contribute to your plan
- BONUS Interview with the owner of a VA company to know the do’s and don’ts.

#6 – I don’t know what to say?

I feel there are two big problems when people start on this journey… Number one is most people are not super-duper clear on WHO they are creating these videos for.

The other problem I see is really getting crystal clear on what your authentic style is… what it is that is unique about you that nobody else has… Finding out what draws and attracts people to you. 

Good news is, YES, you do have a unique magic… And we will help you find this through our module called “Profitable Avatar”

We will help you get 100% clarity on “What to Say”, “Who to Say it to” and “How To Be Yourself”

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I’m talking from experience.

Look, if I didn’t PIVOT towards video when I did, I don’t know where I’d be today.

Same goes with my wonderful clients… They too turned their businesses and profits around to all new and exciting heights.

And you know the best part about this?

Just look at how one 3-minute video can be re-purposed into different channels to grow your business
Just a few of the ways.....

- Blog Posts
- Email
- Article
- Audio
- Press Release
- Magazine content
- Product to sell
- Bonus material
- Social Media Posts
- YouTube video
- Facebook video
- Instagram content
- PowerPoint presentations
- And the list goes on, and on, and on….

And the best part…

100% of those tasks can be outsourced to someone else who will do them incredibly fast, efficiently and affordable!

Oh, and one other thing…

Just in case you’re not already 100% convinced that video marketing is the way of the future for marketing… 

… At the very least, read through these stats below, and then decide!

  • 93% of Marketers use video for marketing, sales and communications
  • Using the word “Video” boosts email open rates by 19%
  • 33% of Tablet owners watch one hour of video PER DAY on their device
  • You’ll get a 65% boost in click though rates when you use video
  • 65% of video viewers watch 3/4 of a video
  • 52% of marketers name video as the content with the best ROI

In other words…

Like or hate… fear or no fear… If you want your business to flourish these days…

… Then you need to start using video ASAP.   So knowing that we’re in the age of video marketing and it’s only going to be more demanding…

And knowing you want to rapidly grow your business, brand, income & lifestyle…

Let me show you how to make a quick and easy PAIN-FREE transition into video marketing…

To help you feel CONFIDENT and EXCITED about growing your business with video marketing, I’ve partnered up with Australia’s TOP Video Production Expert of 30+ years, Mr. Paul Godden.

You’ll love this…

Paul’s been involved in video creation for over 30 years, including the past 12 years creating video based products for many of Australia’s top marketers, like…

Mal Emery, Andrew & Daryl Grant, Bret Thomson, Dale Beaumont, Pete Godfrey, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Matt & Liz Raad, Joanna Martin, and the list goes on…

Paul is responsible for producing
multiple-millions of dollars of online
products and training…

So why is this special combo of Paul and I so powerful?


We both cover the two biggest areas of making money from videos.

Marketing & Technology.

You see, every week I was getting asked by my community members to TEACH them my marketing secrets when using video to position myself as an authority. 

And every week, Paul was being asked to create a course to TEACH people how to use video in their business.

We spent months and months tirelessly working around the clock…

Creating the most comprehensive (but simple to use) video-marketing product out there…

Our goal was to help smart business owners effortlessly build their brand and be more prevalent in social media with videos

Just like I had – and just like dozens of my mentoring clients had!

So if you are PASSIONATE about your business…

If you feel like your business message should be reaching MORE people and making more of a difference…

And if you intuitively know you are destined for greatness, but you just need a little help with your marketing…

Then, you need to ride the WAVE of video marketing…


A step-by-step online 8-Part VIDEO-MARKETING course which walks you 
through every little thing you need to know to feel confident and comfortable, to 
grow your audience, make more money and help more people through effective 
video marketing (without the stress or worry)

And YES, even if you’re a non-technical person… You can do this… 
And YES, you can do all of this WITHOUT spending much money on equipment  
And YES, this is especially perfect for you if you’re already busy and time poor
And YES, even if you don’t feel confident to stand in front of a camera

Use this course to Get SEEN Everywhere on…

Joanne Newell

"I wanted my videos to be good enough quality for the types of clients I wanted to attract, and appeal to......That’s what I love about your audio’s and tutorials, they’re just so clear and step by step."
Sam Beau Patrick

"Going through exercises that you’ve had in the "Profitable Avatar" module of the program has really helped me understand the market..Your program is really good, it’s really gentle. It’s really well put together."
Tiffany Mike

"When I learned how to do videos with you and how to set myself up online with you… This year I crossed the 60,000 views mark on my you tube channel.
I get clients from all around Australia who want to come and have lessons with me… just because I took action and gave value with my tips and branded myself as The Lady Golf Teacher."

What you get in the… Online “Video Marketing Academy”

Module #1 - Quick-Start “Getting Started” Module 

How to Get The MOST Out of Video in the Shortest Time and Smallest Effort

Check mark symbol Video Marketing Action Plan Checklist

Check mark symbol Outsourcing Guide for team members
Check mark symbol Video for Profit: How to build your list and make money
Check mark symbol Intro to the 5 Types of video marketing video
Check mark symbol How to get your team to support your video marketing needs
Check mark symbol VIDEO EXERCISE #1
Module #2 - Profitable Avatar 

Find Clarity on “What to Say”, “Who to Say it to” and “How To Be Yourself”

One of the first things we do is work through a really powerful exercise, so you’ll get crystal clear on what I call your “Profitable Avatar” which is someone who will spend money with you. 

And more importantly, you’ll know “WHAT TO SAY” and what language they need to hear to properly express your message so they feel heard and genuinely trust you. You’ll know HOW to connect with your audience, so you can start hearing things like, “Wow”, you’re reading my mind, it feels like you’re talking just to me”. 
And so on… 


Check mark symbol Step-by-Step Video Classes for your profitable avatar
Check mark symbol Action Plan Checklist
Check mark symbol Profitable Avatar fill-in-the-blank worksheets
Check mark symbol Avatar & Message fill-in-the-blank worksheets
Check mark symbol VIDEO EXERCISE #2

Proven confidence-building techniques to feel comfortable in front of a camera anytime, anywhere! 

I’d estimate that probably 98% of people in this world don’t think they are good enough in some way shape or form. So you’re in good company if you don’t feel confident in front of a camera or if you don’t think you’re interesting enough. That’s normal and we cover that IN DEPTH in this module and we’ll have you BRIMMING with confidence that will carry though in all areas of life!

Here’s a breakdown…

Check mark symbol Confidence & Coolness Intro
Check mark symbol Action Plan Checklist
Check mark symbol Speed Confidence Tips
Check mark symbol Brand Congruency Formula
Check mark symbol Personal Styling How to look Awesome on video
Check mark symbol Template: Style Sheets to share with your team
Check mark symbol VIDEO EXERCISE #3
Your Brand Persona & The Power of Story

With 17 years of experience in the marketing arena, Pete Godfrey, AKA “The Wizard of Words”, has developed a keen eye as to what it takes to succeed in business. As one of Australia’s most successful and highest paid copywriters, Pete has the uncanny ability to turn the written word into money.

Pete has created a brilliant module for The Cool Cats ONLINE Academy on Your Brand Persona and The Power of Story. Pete includes a "Persona Profile" worksheet to help you systematically identify your brand persona and then methods to boost your message and develop deeper trust through strategic story telling in your videos.
Your Style Archetype and What to Wear

A multi-award winning business woman, international keynote speaker, acclaimed photographer, philanthropist, Author of ‘#MagneticBranding’, a children’s book author, as well as mother and partner, Zahrina Robertson is a leading, world-class expert in personal branding. Drawing on her knowledge of marketing, public relations and profile building, teamed with her expertise in understanding national and international brands, she has successfully identified the power of personal branding and travels globally, sharing her insights to help people achieve success and profit with personal branding.

Zahrina has created a brilliant module in our Cool Cats ONLINE Academy, to direct you to identify your personal "Style Archetype" and then build on this to choose the best clothing, accessories and style to reflect your brand in your videos. She ensures your appearance on video is authentic and builds trust naturally.
Module #4 - Lights, Camera, Action OLNESS  

Money-Saving Hacks To Quickly Create A Home-Studio With Professional Lights & Gadgets on a Shoestring Budget

With nearly 30 years in the video industry, Paul knows all the tricks on how to create great videos. Even better, he’ll show you how to quickly set up a professional-looking home-studio in minutes…even in the smallest of spaces --- and for LESS than a few hundred dollars! You’ll be shooting quality videos in no time at all, even if you’ve never done it before.

What you’ll discover…

Check mark symbol Intro for shooting perfect videos
Check mark symbol Money Saving v’s Quality Camera Guide
Check mark symbol Pro Lighting & Sound tips on a shoestring budget
Check mark symbol iPhone MASTERY Video Tutorials
Check mark symbol Super cool gadgets and video HACKS
Check mark symbol Behind the scenes with Janet on how she sets up her home studio
Module #5 - Video Editing & Branding 

Your Authentic Branding Style and Video Editing Tips

Too often we see people shooting videos and modeling the style of someone else in their industry they admire. The video may look great but when people watch it they subconsciously feel something just isn’t right. There is a seed of distrust sown and that’s simply because they can sense the person on camera is not truly being their authentic self.

That’s not going to happen with you. We’ll show you how to create and transfer your authentic Brand with creative video editing. Plus, quick and easy video editing tips to make your videos unique to your true style. 

What you’ll learn…

Check mark symbol Intro for video editing 
Check mark symbol Camtasia secrets for PC users
Check mark symbol iMovie secrets for Mac users
Check mark symbol Highly Recommended Software guide
Check mark symbol Extra BONUS Video Tools
Check mark symbol Branding Intro & Outro Clips and where to get them made cheaply
Module #6 - 5 Essential Marketing Videos 

These 5 Essential Marketing Videos Build Trust, Credibility, Your Database (and Bank Balance)

Just ONE of these 5 video marketing strategies generated more leads and sales into my business than almost anything I’ve done! And when you add on the other 4 essential video strategies, you’ll have a solid and predicable system to grow your business, brand and bank balance!

Full breakdown of all 5 essential marketing videos…

Check mark symbol Video #1 Script, worksheet & delegation list
Check mark symbol Video #2 Script, worksheet & delegation list
Check mark symbol Video #3 Script, worksheet & delegation list
Check mark symbol Video #4 Script, worksheet & delegation list
Check mark symbol Video #5 Script, worksheet & delegation list
Check mark symbol PLUS - 3 x months of video marketing PLAN
Module #7 - Get SEEN Everywhere! 

“Milk-it-Baby-Milk-It” Discover How Just ONE 5-hour block will yield 3 x months of marketing materials spread across the web!

If you’ve ever complained about not having enough time… Then this module will change your life and your business. If you’ve ever jokingly asked for an extra 24hours… then I can beat that… I can give you an EXTRA 3-MONTHS of time!

Follow this module to a T and repurpose ONE 3-minute video into multiple marketing pieces that blast your message all over the web… And the work can be almost 100% delegated to someone else! Ultimate marketing leverage.

Get seen all over the web…

Check mark symbol Intro video and checklist
Check mark symbol YouTube Ranking Secrets (and profits)
Check mark symbol Facebook Video Secrets
Check mark symbol Podcast Chart-Topping System
Check mark symbol Syndicate for Mass Exposure
Check mark symbol Repurposing your videos (tutorials)
Check mark symbol VIDEO EXERCISES Included
Module #8 - Shortcuts & BONUS Materials
Save Time, Money, Stress & Effort With These Shortcuts, Cheat-Sheets, Scripts & Templates and EXECUTION PLANS!

Believe it or not… But this is where the money is! 

Why? Simple. Because in this module you’ll receive all scripts, templates and execution plans to use (or to give to your staff) to IMPLEMENT fast!

Demand For Products Has Grown Incredibly

Leonie Gully's company manufactures and retails gorgeous natural skin care and health products. She shares in this short video how video has transformed her business in a very short time with demand for her products growing incredibly. You'll love the weekly Facebook Live videos Leonie runs. Thanks also for her feedback that our "teachings are amazing".

-Leonie Gully, Moon Haven

We’re very excited about the suite of bonuses we have created for you. All prices listed below are the actual retail prices these programs are sold for on our websites. 

None of those inflated “Valued At” prices you see so often that looks like you’re getting $5,000 worth of value but are actually $4,000 worth of hot air!

You’ll have everything you’ll ever need to start on your video marketing journey. We want you to have as much support and resources as possible, so you feel 100% comfortable to spread your message to the world. So here’s some extra goodies you’ll get…


A step-by-step breakdown of how to find, pay and manage the perfect Virtual Assistant team to do 80% of the work for you!

Check mark symbol How to find and recruit VA’s (virtual assistants)
Check mark symbol How to manage a team with ease
Check mark symbol How to motivate and include existing staff to contribute to your plan
Check mark symbol BONUS Interview with an owner of a VA company to learn do’s and don’ts.


Check mark symbol Into to Live Streaming 
Check mark symbol Facebook Live Streaming
Check mark symbol Templates to livestream interviews with expert guests and grateful customers.
Check mark symbol Checklist and Team Tasks


Once you’ve completed the online course, followed our foolproof formula and are starting to see results, there’s a HIGH chance we will INTERVIEW you to our global audience! This will give you enormous exposure that could potentially lead to more business and sales!

3 X FREE VIDEO CRITIQUES (worth $750) 

You have 3 x FREE Video Critiques so you can get professional feedback on how you’re going and what to improve to get better engagement and results!


You are NOT alone and you will have 24/7 support throughout every step of your journey. As soon as you invest in the “Video Marketing Academy” you’ll instantly join our family for 6 months. Our loyal Cool Cats family is a wonderful community of friendly, positive and encouraging business owners who have all paid to be in this group.

You can use this Members-Only Private Facebook group to ask any questions or to post your 3 x videos for critique. 
Through this members-only Cool Cats Club you'll benefit from bonus:

  • LIVE hotseats
  • Focused Q&A live videos in response to member questions
  • Expert mentors answering personal questions and
  • member opportunities.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence and give you some inflated price that’s been pulled out of the air, just to show a fake discount!

I don’t play those games.

There’s ONE price and ONE price only. And it’s a bargain in anyone’s language.

Here’s why… 

I want you to take 3 seconds now and do something for me. I want you to do a quick calculation in your head. Ready?

Work out how much money you’d make with 10 NEW customers. 

So if ONE customer is worth $100, $500, $2,000, or more.

Then times that number by 10.

What number did you get? $1,000, $5,000, $20,000? Got it?

Next. What would it be worth to you if you found 10 new customers every month? That’s 120 customers for the year. What’s that worth to you?

What about 10 new customers every week? That’s 520 new PAYING customers every year. What’s that add up to? $50K, $150K, $300K a year? 

Only you know your number, but here’s where it pays to think like an INVESTOR not like an employee.

What would you pay someone to GIVE you 120 new paying customers per year?

If it’s anywhere over a few THOUSAND dollars, then today’s your lucky day.

I’m purposely keeping the “Online Video-Marketing Academy” price down as low as possible so you can get started and make a quick R.O.I.

You can own the “Online-Video-Marketing Academy” Course for an easy to-manage 3-part payment plan of…

I know I can easily sell this program for $1997 and I fully expect the program will sell for this in the near future. 

After all, that is the price my comprehensive training programs of this level usually sell for. 

But for now, you can own the program for just........

NOTE: Prices are in Australian Dollars. If you are in the USA, when your bank does the currency conversion you'll notice you got an even greater bargain.

Cashflow Option:  $297 x 6 monthly payments


Best Value Option: $1497 (Save $285)

Okay, you might be thinking… With the combined experience of the Academy Faculty
contributing to millions of dollars of sales through video marketing… why would I 
give my signature course away so cheap?


I make most of my income coaching businesses owners in closed-group high-priced masterminds. 

So, here’s the method to my madness…. If I can help you make A LOT 
OF MONEY in your business… then one day, if it feels right for you, you might want to 
join our mastermind program? 

Or who knows? You might even want to attend our LIVE Video-Marketing workshop?
If not, no matter. 
At the very least, once the dollars start rolling in for you, I’m sure you’ll
have some nice things to say about us. And that’s a win/win.

Oh, before I forget… one more thing…

You Are Covered by Our 100% Money Back DOUBLE Guarantee!
That’s right… DOUBLE Guarantee. Here’s how it works…

Guarantee #1 – 30-Day Guarantee 

You have 30-days to play around, watch some of our videos and go through our course, and if you don’t feel it’s a good fit for you, then simply contact us and tell us why, and you’ll get a swift and prompt 100% refund of your money.

Guarantee #2 – 12-month Guarantee 
If after the first 12 months of implementing our entire course, in your business, to the T, and completing every exercise as described… If you haven’t at LEAST made your course investment back in full from new customers and sales, then contact us for a swift and prompt 100% refund on your money. 

We want to prove to you that we’re the real deal and we’re on your side, so go ahead and take action now so you and your business can make a difference in the world!

And when you marry this up with Paul Godden’s 30-years experience in the video industry, building million dollar studios and creating products that have made multiple millions of dollars with the top marketers… 

… You’ll feel CONFIDENT you’re in the best hands and know in your 
heart that this will be a guaranteed successful outcome!

OVERCOME Anxiousness, FEAR, 
Nervousness and Overwhelm

If you have any level of fear, worry, nervousness, even anxiousness around what to say, who your ideal audience is, or how to do this, then please understand… You are not alone in this… and it’s perfectly normal. 

In fact, if you started this course brimming with confidence and clarity, then sure, that’s fantastic, but it would be rare. 

You will be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel comfortable and confident about shooting videos.

With the right amount of information and the right amount of practice and support, you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully confident you’ll feel.

 An Experience That Will Pay You For Life and  Help You Contribute MORE To The World

If you believe deep down that you have a higher purpose to serve… If you feel 
that your business can help more people in the world… If you intuitively know 
that you’re not living your life to the fullest… Then I would love to help you. 

I feel my purpose is to help great people like you. Your message and your 
business need to reach and help more people. 

Usually, what stops this from happening is FEAR of getting in front of a camera, 
or Overwhelm of not knowing what to do or how to do it. And you know what? 

That is perfectly normal. 

This course will help you make that transition from overwhelm and anxiousness, 
to confident and comfortable. 

You’ll feel incredibly grateful, fabulous and motivated by the end of this course.

And hey, when you’ve finished, PLEASE stay in contact and keep us posted with your journey.

Who knows? We might just interview you as one of our successful graduates and blast your brand all over the Internet.

It’s up to you to take the first step and order now

To your success

Janet Beckers

FAQ for the Online Video-Marketing Academy 
  • I’ve never created a video before? Wonderful! You’re going to have a lot of fun and we’re going to have just as much fun showing you just how simple it is to create really professional videos using nothing more than your smart phone.
  • What if I already produce videos for my business? Wonderful. You are going to get super-clear on your message and how to connect with your perfect clients in a much more powerful way. You’ll also learn trade tips so your videos are even more professional looking and make you look like you have a whole team of video experts supporting you.
  • What if I’m old and ugly? Fat? Too skinny? Awkward? (Insert body image concern here). So are we! We’ll be sharing strategies designed to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera and to show yourself to your best. Don’t expect tips on false eyelashes, heavy makeup and photo-shop (seriously, a lot of video trainers focus on this). Instead expect techniques that help you shine from the inside and authentically connect with your viewers.
  • What if I have a favourite video camera? Totally fine. Paul covers it all in his videos so you’ve got nothing to worry about.
  • What if I don’t have an iPhone? We don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter what type of smart phone you have, as long as it has a function to shoot a video and you can connect to the Internet. That’s practically every phone these days.
  • What if I don’t have a business yet? If you are just setting up your business this is a perfect time for you to join us. Let us be clear though. You need to know who your business will serve and how you will be helping them. A big part of this course is getting clear on how to express your message to match your market so you need to know what your market is. And hey, if you’re ready to start a business but not really clear on what it looks like… then it might be worthwhile grabbing this course while It’s available so when you are clear about your business, you can implement FAST
  • Is there a payment plan? Yes there is. To help you cash flow this investment, you can get started today for only one payment of $297 then 6 further monthly payments of $297. Or you can save nearly $300 and get the “Pay-in-Full” price for only $1497.
  • Is there a guarantee? Guarantee #1 – 30-Day Guarantee - You have 30-days to play around, watch some of our videos and go through our course, and if you don’t feel it’s a good fit for you, then simply contact us and tell us why, and you’ll get a swift and prompt 100% refund of your money. Guarantee #2 – 12-month Guarantee – If after the first 12months of implementing our entire course, in your business, to the T, and completing every exercise as described… If you haven’t at LEAST made your course investment back in full from new customers and sales, then contact us for a swift and prompt 100% refund on your money.
  • How do I get started? Simply follow this link here to invest in the course then you’ll be sent an email with all the membership details for you to get instant access. Inside the membership area, you’ll be able to start working your way through the video tutorials. You are only moments away from getting started.
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